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Woodbridge Connect Group — Autumn​ 2019

In our Autumn 2019 Session, we will explore the book of Daniel in the Bible to show how to stand strong, stay engaged, love others, and do good in the ever-shifting ungodly culture around us. In this Bible study, we’ll examine the dilemma facing all Christians today: how can we influence a world that rejects everything we believe while still standing for God’s truth? We’ll look at the lives of Daniel and Jesus, showing how we can stand for our biblical beliefs without alienating those we want to reach. The goal is never about winning the argument but about winning hearts, and when we connect before we correct, we can respond to hard questions without compromising God’s grace or truth. Learn how to be influential without compromising your values in The Daniel Dilemma!

You can sign up and pre-order your participant’s guide on Sunday at the Small Group table.

Contact Pastor Justin for more details.


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