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Don’t Give Up

Good Morning.  Here’s Today’s Nugget to chew on:

“Don’t Give Up”

Isaiah 55:10-11 New International Version (NIV)

10 As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it
without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,

11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Further Thought:  As we prepare to close another year, you may be facing an issue where the Word of God doesn’t appear to be working.  When this happens, you must remind yourself of the certainty that “God’s Word will produce if I don’t give up.”  Know you are the only one who can stop the Word of God from producing in your life, not the devil, a co-worker, or the party in control of our government.  You hold the power of death and life in your tongue according to Proverbs 18:21.  Remember, the Word of God is God’s will, and His desire is for His Word to manifest in your life.  Galatians 6:9 reminds us that we shall reap the harvest God has provided in His Word if we don’t give up. 

Have a great day and keep chewing on God’s Word.

Additional references:  Proverbs 4:20-22; Luke 12:32; Psalm 84:11 and 2 Peter 1:3-4


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